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Helping brands to innovate, 

grow & succeed.

We are an independent creative engineering studio with a mission to provide our clients with a true competitive edge. 
Our approach is fully user-centric and driven by a tailor-made process - merging strategy, innovation, and design.

how we do it

Growing and managing sustainable brands require clarity in strategic vision and direction.


Our job ( & joy ) is to support you express your goals and turn them into powerful brand strategies.

We then help you materialize such brand strategy into effective visual identities, design of products, projects and processes, unique online and offline brand experiences, and stories.


Together, we search for your authentic market proposition, one that is different from all others but relevant to all of your stakeholders, and we provide you with all the needed tools to make it happen.



For the last 20 years, we have followed our clients on a journey of their ever-changing business needs, providing them with impactful creative solutions that help them change the world.


What can we do for you?

afekt : creative engineering studio 2023 

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